What I’m trying to do

Upon my most recent breakup I decided that was enough that I would help others not have to go through so much hurt. I wanted to gather a book of wisdom ways that breakups could be handled better so it doesn’t hurt as much. Hey I’m not saying people (including me) were not at fault for causing some of it everyone has been on one side or the other. Heck my first Break up rule I ever learnt was not to laugh at someone while breaking up with them no matter how ridiculous they look . I was at something with the guy and I was seeing at the time and he decided to put bunny ears on for a random reason. Now the details of why I was breaking up with him are a bit fuzzy but because he was wearing the bunny ears as I was breaking up with him  I started laughing and he broke down in tears, making it worse than it needed to be. So if you have stories feel free to share because I cant have gone through every kind of breakup out there.

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