Rule #1 Dont ignore/delete your partner

Okay this one has to be the hardest for anyone to go through the not knowing what is going on,being left in the dark. Being suddenly removed from someones life with no explanation. Of course it hurts because you just want to know whats going on. Now everyone goes through their stuff and sometimes those that care can be annoying be your entitled to say “leave me alone” be sure to give a time frame or add until I contact you because not everyone gets  leave me alone.DO NOT just delete someone from messenger or Facebook without saying something even a note a text really anything with today’s technology ,it’s entirely possible to let anyone know whats going on without being face to face. being suddenly deleted hurts its like tearing someones heart out and shredding it in front of them. If it helps delete their number contact information put away anything that reminds you of them. This one is the worst breakup the best way to deal with it is to just live your life get busy find a new hobby, start writing anything. Remember two things its okay to grieve a relationship just don’t let it interfere with your life and  if you meet someone new it is okay to move on life has a funny way of throwing things like that at you.

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