Rule#2 When your partner asks for space note:not always a break-up

Yes that’s right asking for space can mean numerous things. Girls and guys always take this as a break up when it isn’t always it depends on how you handle it. For Myself I did not handle it well. For one space always means until they contact you and may not have a time. You might worry a lot but they’ve got stuff going on just get busy, take a trip, go spend a day having fun like a kid. Mine resulted in a situation I’m still confused by but actions speak louder than words I think it ended with me being dumped by his friend. I can laugh about it now even though he still has my lingerie. Don’t know what he will need it for unless he enjoys cross dressing. The bottom line leave your partner alone when they ask you to. You might meet someone new and that’s okay you don’t need to feel guilty.

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