Rule#3 don’t cheat if you do be honest

This may seem like a general rule if your with one person its that person. The rush of emotion or lust may seem great to go for but is it worth it to hurt another? If you want another person break it off with the one your with. It goes a lot smoother than coming home to your fiance with another woman. I personally didn’t appreciate it and the flying dishes definetly highlighted that point.
If you have cheated which I never have it is best to be honest than to hide it. The truth has a tendency of coming out, and if you hid it be prepared for some flying dishes of your own, or a lawn wardrobe.

    • Tara Meghan
    • March 20th, 2011

    I agree – this should be a no brainer!

  1. I agree! I would not of been as hurt and angry if he had come to me and said this isn’t working I want a divorce. Finding out that he lied and cheated on me was 100 times more painful, and ALL respect was lost. I’m too nice and didn’t throw his crap on the lawn…he did deserve it!

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