Rule#5 don’t insult them

This applies to both during the break-up and after. In the end of a relationship the goal is a clean break not to have them hate you. For one it makes you out to be disrespectful and two no one in the future would want to date you knowing what happened. The Best way to handle this is be straight let them know that its not working and even admit some of your own faults.
Should the insult happen after the breakup its okay to be hurt, Just don’t let it rule you. Ultimatly your reaction is what makes this better for you. If you admit your hurt but smile, move on with your life. Never insult them you have atleast had enough respect for yourself to live well, that and you know they don’t deserve any energy if they choose to insult you. It will bite them in the ass someday especially if they may want to date one of your friends in the future.

  1. If only my ex would read this…I can dream can’t I? He’s the king of insults!

  2. That you can. It is my hope that someone Learns from my writing.

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