Not a rule an unexpected landmark

Wow I’m not sure this is a landmark I wanted but 100 Breakups in 15years of dating officially was officially hit last night. I was what felt like led on for 3 days promised it would be made up to me. Then I get brought cake and broken up with the day before my sisters birthday. Hmm note to self new rule don’t bring a gift to a breakup and not before something important to the other person.
I have Learned a lot over each of those years and you would think this would make me cold. It hasn’t made me bitter yet I’m just determined to find someone to help complement my life not complete it. I seem to be finding men that suddenly change their minds when I try to get to know them better. It feels like the world still has such a focus on you have to find a wife or husband and settle down. When someone doesn’t meet your expectations its over. I think that needs to change you can’t expect anyone to do that everyone has faults. Maybe I’m just meant to be chronically single so other people can learn from my Breakups. So the writing continues and maybe a publisher someday.

  1. Cake? That’s cold, man. Cake is celebratory!

  2. Yup cake funny part still wants to meet my family. He’s still a sweet guy just very confused is how it looks.

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