Rule#6 Make it in Person Preferably

Hey I have been cowardly about this myself and sent a text message instead. The in person breakup is hard but it gives closure. It allows you both to see its over and allows you to move on. If your unable to do this in person the next best is a phone call. It shows respect for the person you were involved with and that it comes from you. If you end it through other measures especially if you will see the person frequently after the fact. My own experience with this was dating a co-worker and I was dumped via Facebook message. Only to see the guy 3 hours later. For the in person breakup here are a few things to note:
– Do not bring gifts
– Know what your going to say be decisive and clear no room for questions
– do it at a place the person being dumped is comfortable
– Being Kleenex.

If you follow the keys above it will still suck but It will feel better in the end.

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    • Joe S.
    • April 13th, 2011

    Watching my roommate fall in love with a girl and reviewing my own relationships a revelation occurred which made me think of you and your blog.

    There are 3 want’s/do’s for any relationship that are need to be present for both sides for things to work. To do things for your partner, to do things with your partner, and do things to your partner. With out all 3 of these that person is simply family or a friend of some level.

    For example:

    For – Family, you do things for family because they are family, not because you like them or you want, but because they would do the same for you if it was the other way around

    With – Friend, you do things with friends because you enjoy their company, they make you feel good to be around them.

    To – Fling, or Fuck Buddy, simple sexual pleasure, nothing more.

    You can then add these together to make different friend levels:

    For + With: Best Friend
    To + With: Friend with Benefits
    For + To: Guys call it Pussywhipped, Facebook calls it “It’s Complicated”, not sure what girls call it, probably “clingy” or “stalker”. Either way, none of these are really conducive to a healthy relationship. Should avoid this level.

    Either way you get the point, we’ve been through all of them. We’ve probably been each of them at point or another, I know I have.

    There are other things people use to describe a relationship but they all boil down to this. Everything else is grey area between these 3 cornerstones or Want’s/Do’s. Because that’s what we are really searching for, someone who will DO these, and someone who you will WANT to do do these.

  3. You may have just helped create a new chapter for my book thank you

    • Joe S.
    • April 13th, 2011

    Anytime! I thought you would find this useful 🙂

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