Rule #7 Dont bring Gifts

Now Boys and girls this may seem pretty straight forward to not do. Its kind of like saying im free woohoo here is a gift to celebrate my freedom from you. Yes everyone has a different ending some may even exchange gifts but do you really want to look at that watch or jacket and think about that person?

My own experience with this was quiet confusing  I was brought cake. But hell it was cake. How can one say no to cake? If it had candles I might have been more concerned. A worse or better depending on your viewpoint is a story a girlfriend of mine shared. The girl had cheated on the guy (which I don’t agree with but stuff happens) he found out about it before she could tell him.  I’m guessing he felt hurt and devised a romantic evening to breakup with her. This involved flower petals and cut flowers leading to her car ending  with a note that I don’t feel comfortable repeating the exact words. So I will just say he told her to get lost in a not very nice way. This may have forever ruined flowers for her however; Giving  cut flowers upon breaking up with them kind of makes sense though in a crazy way. Think about the flowers are going to die anyways just like the relationship did,so in a weird way its a message in itself.

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