Rule #9 Be The Bigger Person

Eventually you will run into your ex, it is inevitable. You know you shared interests and that at some point it was bound to happen that you would run into them doing one of those things.  It seems to happen mostly with those you don’t care to see. It is with these that you should take extra care if you harbor resentment it is impossible to lead a functional successful life. Sure there is the instant gratification but do you really want to be known as the crazy ex that chased them down the road or out of the store?

The ex of mine that inspired writing these rules happened to walk into my work the other day. I didn’t even notice him come in; I was too busy enjoying my work.  I saw the back of his neck and I thought “please don’t be you”, then he turned around. You know that moment you realize it’s them and you can’t believe it, yup happened to me. I had the line from Casablanca slightly altered “Of all the, art stores in all, the world you had to walk into mine”.   There are many things I could have said or done because he hurt me pretty bad with the way things ended, even when it’s partially my fault too. I was very tempted however; I didn’t do any of it I just smiled, said hello and continued about my business.

The reason is I realized I did the best I could with the cards dealt to me and I have nothing to feel ashamed about. I cannot move on or hope to have a good relationship if I hurt those around me, even if certain others feel a “bitch” moment was necessary.  I felt great after like the hugest weight had been lifted. Being the bigger person can truly make you feel like a million bucks, personally I think that is a better feeling than being known as the Exacto wielding crazy art gallery ex. So take that hurt, sadness, anger or resentment and use that energy in a more positive channel. I can vouch for it feeling fantastically gratifying in the long run.

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