Rule#5 don’t insult them

This applies to both during the break-up and after. In the end of a relationship the goal is a clean break not to have them hate you. For one it makes you out to be disrespectful and two no one in the future would want to date you knowing what happened. The Best way to handle this is be straight let them know that its not working and even admit some of your own faults.
Should the insult happen after the breakup its okay to be hurt, Just don’t let it rule you. Ultimatly your reaction is what makes this better for you. If you admit your hurt but smile, move on with your life. Never insult them you have atleast had enough respect for yourself to live well, that and you know they don’t deserve any energy if they choose to insult you. It will bite them in the ass someday especially if they may want to date one of your friends in the future.


Rule#4 Don’t Lie about your reason for breaking up with them

Yet another no brainer for both sexes don’t lie about your reason for breaking up. Don’t say its because your moving away to Yemen for example when you just don’t know how to say I just don’t like you anymore. They deserve enough respect to simply be told you and I aren’t working together.
If you do lie it is inevitible someone finds out and may wind up doing something they regret. Such as an egged car maybe worse. The only thing I can suggest in this is remember the person that made you mad isn’t worth making a billboard advertisement for an std or any of your tears. It sucks and as tempted as you are to bash their car don’t.
Living your life is the best thing you can do. If you see them at the grocery store don’t cause a scene just smile, wave and remember your amazing and they are missing out.

Rule#3 don’t cheat if you do be honest

This may seem like a general rule if your with one person its that person. The rush of emotion or lust may seem great to go for but is it worth it to hurt another? If you want another person break it off with the one your with. It goes a lot smoother than coming home to your fiance with another woman. I personally didn’t appreciate it and the flying dishes definetly highlighted that point.
If you have cheated which I never have it is best to be honest than to hide it. The truth has a tendency of coming out, and if you hid it be prepared for some flying dishes of your own, or a lawn wardrobe.

Rule#2 When your partner asks for space note:not always a break-up

Yes that’s right asking for space can mean numerous things. Girls and guys always take this as a break up when it isn’t always it depends on how you handle it. For Myself I did not handle it well. For one space always means until they contact you and may not have a time. You might worry a lot but they’ve got stuff going on just get busy, take a trip, go spend a day having fun like a kid. Mine resulted in a situation I’m still confused by but actions speak louder than words I think it ended with me being dumped by his friend. I can laugh about it now even though he still has my lingerie. Don’t know what he will need it for unless he enjoys cross dressing. The bottom line leave your partner alone when they ask you to. You might meet someone new and that’s okay you don’t need to feel guilty.

Rule #1 Dont ignore/delete your partner

Okay this one has to be the hardest for anyone to go through the not knowing what is going on,being left in the dark. Being suddenly removed from someones life with no explanation. Of course it hurts because you just want to know whats going on. Now everyone goes through their stuff and sometimes those that care can be annoying be your entitled to say “leave me alone” be sure to give a time frame or add until I contact you because not everyone gets  leave me alone.DO NOT just delete someone from messenger or Facebook without saying something even a note a text really anything with today’s technology ,it’s entirely possible to let anyone know whats going on without being face to face. being suddenly deleted hurts its like tearing someones heart out and shredding it in front of them. If it helps delete their number contact information put away anything that reminds you of them. This one is the worst breakup the best way to deal with it is to just live your life get busy find a new hobby, start writing anything. Remember two things its okay to grieve a relationship just don’t let it interfere with your life and  if you meet someone new it is okay to move on life has a funny way of throwing things like that at you.

What I’m trying to do

Upon my most recent breakup I decided that was enough that I would help others not have to go through so much hurt. I wanted to gather a book of wisdom ways that breakups could be handled better so it doesn’t hurt as much. Hey I’m not saying people (including me) were not at fault for causing some of it everyone has been on one side or the other. Heck my first Break up rule I ever learnt was not to laugh at someone while breaking up with them no matter how ridiculous they look . I was at something with the guy and I was seeing at the time and he decided to put bunny ears on for a random reason. Now the details of why I was breaking up with him are a bit fuzzy but because he was wearing the bunny ears as I was breaking up with him  I started laughing and he broke down in tears, making it worse than it needed to be. So if you have stories feel free to share because I cant have gone through every kind of breakup out there.